STR Mixtape – So Long, Great Drummer

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STR Mixtape – So Long, Great Drummer (Right Click + Save As to Download)

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Title Artist Starting Time
Yellow and Blue Jericho Jones
Ashes To Ashes Warpaint 05:05
Over There Banjo or Freakout 10:10
Waterfall The Fresh and Onlys 13:56
Bathurst Foxes In Action 16:57
Careless Love (Dream Surf Mix) Arborea 20:32
Three Sisters J. Tillman 23:05
Moonshine Bert Jansch 29:36
Shir Eres Chava Alberstein 34:26
Throw Aggi Off The Bridge Black Tambourine 37:22
Now Is Now Band Of Susans 40:32
Butch and Butch Oliver Nelson 44:58
Pimeytta Kohti Islaja 49:31
All The Mirrors Are Covered By Snow Abel Hernandez 53:56
Too Much In Love To Hear The Churchills
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3 תגובות על STR Mixtape – So Long, Great Drummer

  1. מאת cry no litra‏:

    כיף להיזכר בToo Much in Love to Hear.
    סטליסט מושלם לאחה"צ של שישי

  2. מאת cry no litra‏:

    אופס רק עכשיו שמתי לב שזה (בערך) שמו. אז יש בינגו.

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