STR Mixtape – Fingers Crossed and Long Long Waiting

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STR Mixtape – Fingers Crossed and Long Long Waiting

Also, don't miss this week's Sonar show.


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Title Artist Starting Time
We'll See The Sun Houses
King Minos Popol Vuh 05:04
St. James Infirmary The Standells 09:24
Fuga Dal Mouse Hamid Drake and Paolo Angeli 12:16
Fat Man Jethro Tull 16:00
The Spanish Entomologist Leo Kottke 18:34
You Like Me Too Much The Beatles 20:49
Endless Summer Fennesz 23:22
Star Me Kitten Blitzen Trapper 31:43
Morse Som Imaginario 34:16
New Leaves Crescent 37:41
Bangkok By Train 41:38
I'll Be Rested Blind Roosevelt Graves and Brother 46:05
Western Suit – Pony Express Jimmy Guiffri 48:31
Blue West Sun City Girls 54:24
The Lake Pt.1 Paul Duncan 57:19
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